Managing Food Allergens - a workshop for local authority enforcement officers - Speakers

 Barbara HirstBarbara Hirst 

Barbara is Consultant on Food Safety and Quality in the RSSL department of Consultancy. Previously, she managed the department of DNA and Protein which is responsible for the analytical testing for allergens, meat and fish speciation, GMOs, rice authenticity, cattle parental genotyping and other molecular biology services.

She has worked at RSSL for 17 years and been responsible for growing the analytical testing service in the molecular biology areas as well as working to grow the allergen and food quality consultancy offering. RSSL partner with clients to understand the issues they have with allergen control and then target the help to analytical testing, factory visits or training.

Through the many different types of situations and samples, she has a vast experience of choosing and validating the most appropriate type of testing.

She now works as a consultant and trainer in the business in the area of food safety and quality. This involves helping customers in manufacturing and food service, especially in allergen management.

 David NewsumDavid Newsum 

David is a freelance environmental health practitioner and consultant specialising in Food Safety, Health and Safety, training, facilitation and communication skills. He started his career at Manchester City Council with 18 years in regulatory, education and team leader roles, and then spent two years with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) responsible for professional development schemes. He has since worked with a variety of clients including the Department of Health, Food Standards Agency, Health and Safety Executive, CIEH, BDRO and a number of local authorities.

He was the lead trainer for the London 2012 volunteer food safety monitoring team, and has delivered numerous training workshops over many years for local authority enforcement officers, including the two recent national series on Food Information Regulations for the FSA.

He has worked internationally in USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, and with colleagues in Russia and China, and maintains a select list of clients mainly in the food, haulage, insurance and education sectors.

David speaks at many trainer events on creative training techniques, and also writes for TiFSiP, as well as managing his own blogging site. He is author of “101 creative ideas for Food Safety Trainers”.

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