CIEH corporate strategy

Royal charter

The object for which CIEH was established is to promote for the public benefit the theory and science of environmental health in all its aspects and the dissemination of knowledge about environmental health.


Safer, cleaner and healthier environments for the benefit of all.


To promote and uphold the principles, standards and good practice of environmental health, in a variety of disciplines and settings, to improve and protect the public’s health, safety and wellbeing.

Core values

  • Professionalism
  • Partnership
  • Inclusivity

Strategic goals

Grow and diversify CIEH's membership and promote and enhance the value of the environmental health profession

Professional development
Deliver a professional development framework and assets that set the standard for professionalism in environmental health

Voice and visibility
Ensure CIEH is recognised as the voice of the environmental health profession by its members, government, stakeholders and the public

Provide the infrastructure and resources to enable CIEH to effectively and efficiently deliver membership services and a portfolio of relevant commercial products and services

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