About us

The Commercial and Independent SIG is provided for members who work in the essentially “for profit” area or who are employed in education, the Armed Forces or centrally with the CIEH / CHGL and other agencies (e.g. the HSE, FSA and NHS).

Current membership of over 900 comprises consultants, charities, trainers, students, in-company advisors, expert advisors and people working under contract for local authorities and employed by commercial agencies. Many members are self-employed and others work extensively overseas.

The Commercial and Independent SIG offers excellent training opportunities, including those with CPD hours allocated, for all members and provides regular information on updates and opportunities.

Contact us on commercialindependent@cieh.org or via MyCIEH.

The group volunteers

Chair: Peter Mather
Secretary: Abby Miller
Assembly Representatives: Jonathan Hayes and Mike Bailey

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