HACCP in Speciality Cheesemaking - Speakers

Jayne Hickinbotham Jayne Hickinbotham, BSc
Independent Dairy Products Technologist

Jayne Hickinbotham has estimated that she has driven over half a million miles (from the Orkneys to the Haute-Savoie) - auditing, problem-solving, delivering training to over 10,000 dairy personnel, tasting as many product samples and writing 300 HACCP Plans - during her 35 years working in production and quality in the dairy industry.

Following 10 years in both production and quality with Dairy Crest, Dee Dairy Services was launched in 1990 and responded to the industry’s demand for in-depth operational and technical training and its application in practice. A busy and varied schedule includes auditing, training, product grading and problem-solving to the largest companies in the UK, such as Arla and Müller-Wiseman and small artisan dairy producers and cheesemakers.

IFST & SALSA approved mentor and auditor
RIPH Advanced Diploma in HACCP Principles
Member of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association (SCA) Technical Committee
Co-author of the SCA Assured Code of Practice and SALSA plus SCA clauses
Dairy Tankers Assurance Scheme certified auditor
Cheese and butter grader
Accredited Butter Grader (RPA/CAP)
Trade dispute arbiter

 Marissa Schwoch 

Marissa Schwoch
Food Microbiology Solutions Ltd.

Marissa is a consultant food microbiologist and auditor, with 17 years experience working in the food industry, specialising in dairy, bakery and ready-to-eat products.

Marissa began her career at Sainsbury’s in the product safety team then moved to Arla where she held a number of technical roles including Anchor Quality Manager and UK Group Food Safety Manager. In 2011, Marissa set up her consultancy business Food Microbiology Solutions Ltd, which provides support to food manufacturers, ranging from large multi-national Companies to small artisan food producers. Marissa is a SALSA auditor and mentor, and one of only 4 auditors in the UK to audit against the SALSA-SCA standard, which has been developed specifically for small speciality cheesemakers

Marissa is heavily involved in the SCA (Specialist Cheesemakers Association), providing technical support to members. Marissa delivers a range of training courses including bespoke microbiology training, as well as accredited HACCP and Food Safety courses.

 Paul ThomasPaul Thomas 

Paul Thomas is a dairy technical consultant and a graduate biochemist with over ten years of experience in cheese production. He teaches short courses in hard, soft and blue cheesemaking and dairy science at The School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire.

In addition to delivering webinars on dairy hygiene and technology for Dairy Australia, Paul represents the Specialist Cheesemakers Association (SCA) in the Farmhouse and Artisan Cheesemakers and Dairy Producers European (FACE) Network.

He is one of five technical experts writing the FACE Network Guide to Good Hygienic Practice in Cheesemaking, a project funded by the European Commission.

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