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Diesel: The Not So Silent Killer

19 January 2017


There was a lot of buzz at last night's air quality event about diesel. As experts gathered in CIEH headquarters for a panel event organised by London Sustainability Exchange (LSX), we learned that the biggest cause of bad air by far is diesel emissions.

Diesel contributes significantly to the toxic mix of gases and particles we breathe in daily. ‘The government did well enough in incentivising us to buy diesel cars, the same effort should be made to get transport infrastructure changed, updated and futureproofed’ said LSX event organiser Hannah Gardiner.

She was not alone. The evening opened up with speeches from 4 guest speakers, which continued into a panel discussion with Q&A and finally a debate. What was clear was just how passionate everybody was about improving air quality.

Under review was the recent guidance published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). ‘Nice as far as it goes’, said Dr Tim Chatterton of UWE Bristol, ‘but it doesn’t address the real issues’.

Real issues like the fact that 9,500 people die per year in London alone due health complications arising from bad air.

On hand to spell out the worst case scenario for Londoners was Professor Jonathan Grigg of Queen Mary University. A paediatric expert, Grigg spoke about lung growth and advised that national interventions were necessary to prevent young people developing conditions such as wheeze and asthma.

Speaking about the Mayor’s position, Oliver Lord of Greater London Authority admitted that encouraging diesel vehicles has led to a poorer quality of air, which is now being curtailed by initiatives such as the congestion charge and vehicle excise duty. He further commented that it was an issue of awareness and education: ‘it is key to understand diesel emissions and the impact they’re having in the real world, as well as the options people have to phase out diesel.’

If this is an issue you’re affected by, you can read more about the LSX event in our next issue of EHN Magazine. Also visit our YouTube channel where you can watch footage from the event.


New Year, New Us: The First Ever CIEH Blog Post

16 January, 2017

First blog

Welcome to the CIEH blog, a brand new resource that chronicles developments from inside CIEH, informs you about all of our events and campaigns, and shares stories from around the globe relating to environmental health.

We’d like to welcome you to the blog by relaying to you some of the changes that are happening here, and informing you of the myriad events we have going on this month and the next.

It’s an exciting time with our panel on air quality having just closed; we’d like to thank everybody for their feedback on this important issue. We’re also still in the midst of our renewals season. You can now renew online or by direct debit to save up to £31 on your renewal fee! Offer ends 31st January.

Celebrating over a year at the helm, our CEO Anne Godfrey continues to champion change, promising to serve our members but also to reinvigorate the organisation even more so this year.

We’re looking forward to a great selection of conferences in 2017, starting with our Smoking Conference in April and our Annual Housing and Health Conference in May. We’ve also got several interactive workshops for January (more details below) including how to deal with ‘Damp, Mould and Excess Cold’, ‘Tackling Rogue Landlords’ and a ‘Noise Management Update’. Read here for information and a take a look below for a full of list of our events throughout January and February.

Be sure to like our revamped Facebook page and keep up with us over on Twitter. There’s so much more on the way, so stay tuned in to CIEH this winter for blogs, webinars, events, videos and more!


17th - Understanding HHSRS 
18th - HMO practical inspection 
19th - Preparing cases under the new sentencing guidelines 
25th - Managing H&S in hotel and leisure clubs 
25th - Damp, mould and excess cold 


1st - Managing the risk of legionella 
1st - Applying HHSRS 
2nd - Understanding HHSRS 
7th - Tackling rogue landlords 
8th - Preparing cases under the new sentencing guidelines 
22nd - Managing H&S in hotel and leisure clubs 
28th - Noise management update  

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