CIEH Membership

Our mission is to promote, for the public benefit, the theory and practice of environmental health. As a CIEH member you are instantly associated with one of the most established and respected environmental health professional membership bodies in the UK and beyond.

Anyone can join, from students through to those in retirement, and gain our trusted badge of dedication, knowledge and ability. We offer three main membership grades that have been designed to aid career development at different levels, with a suite of benefits that match accordingly. Our entry level Affiliate membership is open to all and you will start to receive access and benefits to all that CIEH membership has to offer in a matter of days.

New Membership Pathway 2018

In January we relaunched our membership pathway to ensure that CIEH is more accessible and inclusive whilst retaining our commitment to professional standards. Many of our grades now include education and experience routes that will appeal to our increasingly diverse network of environmental health professionals and employers.

Membership pathway

Raising the voice of the Environmental Health Profession

CIEH has been acting as the voice of the environmental health profession for over 130 years, our aim is to continue to raise the visibility of the great work environmental health professionals do and the challenges that they face. Our policy team campaign on issues that matter to you, and are continually evolving to engage our membership base with the creation of new communities and advisory boards to help inform our work so that all voices from public, private and third sector, across the profession can be heard. Ensure you have signed up to receive our monthly ebulletin Member Connect and other ecommunications via the member-only portal MyCIEH.

Setting Standards

We are currently working on a set of Professional Standards for the environmental health profession which will enable you to develop, with our support, along your professional pathway. The Professional Standards will allow you to highlight to employers or potential employers how your skills and abilities fit criteria at varying levels, in addition to understanding further professional development needs.

We already offer guidance and tools through our current membership offering from getting you started, with significant savings and tangible benefits as a student, to the option to apply for Chartered Status or Fellowship in the more advanced stages of your career.

Membership Network

CIEH is changing the membership network. Find out more >>