Association of London Environmental Health Managers (ALEHM)

The aim of the Association of London Environmental health Managers (ALEHM) is to provide a policy and strategy forum to support and develop environmental health services in London. Best value and continuing improvement in environmental and public health are at the heart of the work of the association. These include the London Food Co-ordinating Group and the Joint London Region/ALEHM Health and Housing Group.

ALEHM also serves as a key link between London environmental health managers and local government, and professional organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), London Councils and the Local Government Association (LGA).

ALEHM meets six times per year and oversees a number of working and affiliated groups providing technical and professional support to the association. A programme of projects is agreed upon that cover the key environmental health service management priorities for the region.

Projects are usually carried out with another stakeholder, such as the CIEH London Region supported by the London Regional Policy Officer.

For the ALEHM website, please contact Janine Avery 

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