About us

The East Midlands region offers excellent training opportunities for all members, with the very successful 5+1 training pack as well as regular conferences and student training events. This is also supported by training organised at local branch level. However, we do need to know how our members feel so please therefore:

  • Take the time to let us know what you are passionate about so that we can be your spokesman
  • Feedback on what you think is good or bad about the CIEH
  • Let us know how things could be done better whether at branch, regional or HQ level

Whilst we can’t promise things will happen overnight, we give our assurance that we will take on board what you have to say and ensure everything is fed back to HQ and challenged where appropriate.

Contact us on eastmidlands@cieh.org or via MyCIEH.

The region’s volunteers

Chair: David Gould
Secretary: Roberta Borges-Stewart
Assembly Representative: Amanda Porter and David Statham

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