CIEH Housing - the CIEH housing community

CIEH is changing how it connects with its members interested in housing. CIEH Housing forms one of our specialist membership Communities. As CIEH Housing, members will continue to lead and shape CIEH’s housing policy and connect with the established network of housing specialists across all sectors.

We will continue with the very successful Housing Newsletter, which you will receive quarterly giving you up-to-date news, recent highlights, and information bought to you by CIEH’s Housing community which crosses all employment sectors.

What will CIEH Housing offer me as a CIEH Member?

CIEH Housing will build on the already excellent benefits that CIEH membership offers you but will be able to provide you a focussed and tailored housing related package including:

  • Access to a tailored learning and professional development programme, consisting of conferences, workshops and other products, designed specifically to support continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Support in career progression/ diversity (professional pathway) 
  • Regular communication with, and support through, a network of peers working and/or interested in this specialist area of practice.
  • Access to experts in this specialist area of practice through Community panels and other task and finish groups
  • Knowledge that products and services are high quality and relevant to Community competencies.
  • Opportunities to influence national, partner and stakeholder strategy development through responses to consultations
  • Support and promotion of targeted research and development in this area of practice.
  • A regular newsletter
  • Access to social media networks
  • A set of practice standards (competencies) to be developed and agreed by the membership, to help develop job roles and employability in this specialist area and forming part of the CIEH Professional Standards framework.

How do I join CIEH Communities?

In order to join your chosen CIEH community you must already be a member of the CIEH. It is not a requirement for any member to belong to a particular community to work in that area. All you need is to want to keep in touch with the latest news and practice in your chosen field.

If you are already a member of CIEH contact to be connected to your preferred CIEH community.

If you are not yet a CIEH member, please see our grades, rates and benefits.

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