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Anne GodfreyI would like to welcome you as a volunteer to our regional and specialist membership network. As a volunteer we value the fact that you have chosen to give your time and hard work to contributing to the current and future development of environmental health.

The CIEH see members as being at the heart of our organisation and therefore the role that you will be playing helping to communicate with and support our members is also seen as a significant part of our organisation.

If we have not already met, I look forward to meeting you at some point during one of our regular meetings at Chadwick Court, or maybe at a future meeting in your own area.

In the meantime, thanks again for volunteering - I hope it is a pleasant and rewarding experience. Anne Godfrey, Chief Executive 

Network volunteer support information

We value all of our volunteers and we are committed to ensuring that the volunteer experience is as enjoyable, worthwhile and productive as possible. Being a volunteer can be challenging and frustrating at times- some may say it comes with the job! We will do our best to minimise the difficulties and, by working with you, find effective solutions.

You will find here the information you need as a volunteer working within the membership network. We are always prepared to listen to your ideas on ways we can improve the way we work and support you. To get you started as a volunteer we have put together this useful information pack which you can download here.

Network support - First point of contact

Network support is your one stop contact point for all your volunteer and membership network queries and information. If we can’t help you we know someone who can! If you have a specific question or need any help with any aspect of your role please get in touch.

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