Communicating with members

We offer a wide range of different options for communicating with members in your region, branch or SIG.

Communication channels

Environmental Health News (EHN) Magazine 

Monthly print publication providing in depth news, analysis, special features, topical issues related to the environmental and public health industry.

EHN Extra 

An online version of EHN magazine with a fortnightly update sent via email. Visit 


Dedicated pages for regions and SIGs.

MyCIEH forums 

Join in or start your own discussions. You can subscribe to receive notification email alerts when something new has been added to the discussion forum.

Emails and Newsletters

EHN Extra Newsletter 

News bulletin emailed to members and subscribers every Thursday, featuring the latest news and exclusive previews for members only. For further information visit 

EHN Jobs Newsletter 

Weekly bulletin with the latest environmental health jobs.

Region/SIG/Branch communications 

Email newsletters or communications to the members in your area using our email marketing system. We send it out on your behalf and all you need to is send us your content. The form you need to complete is the bulk emailer request. We have created a comprehensive how to guide to help.

Newsletter templates 

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Are you receiving our communications? We've produced this handy guide to ensure you get the updates you want.

Social media

We like to share region, branch and SIG updates. Just tweet us at @The_CIEH or tag us on Facebook.  

EHN Online twitter 

If you have a news story, tweet @EHN_Online 

Additionally, please refer to these guides on social media for ideas and suggestions:

Data protection

As a volunteer you may have access to information about members - this information as you would expect is strictly controlled - if your role includes communicating with members please read the following data protection documents.

Consulting and representing members - hints and tips

As a volunteer you may be called upon to co-ordinate a response to a consultation (professional/membership) and you may be invited to represent the views of the membership in your area or specialism or the views of your management board or working group

Here are some hints and tips on consulting members:

  • If you are representing small groups you can ask for views directly in meetings for instance
  • Always check out your understanding of views and perceptions - it is easy to make assumptions
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the views you are being expected to represent

If you are being asked to represent larger numbers of members:

  • Check that you have enough time to consult as deadlines can be restrictive
  • Online questionnaires are quick and easy to set up 
  • Focus groups and consultation groups can provide a useful discussion opportunity to help explore issues and ideas (any costs will need to be sanctioned by the Management Board/Committee)
  • If you have limited response to consultations try not to be dispirited- all contributions are useful. When members see that you value their views they will be more likely to contribute
  • Make sure you are inclusive and have offered the opportunity to all sectors of membership where appropriate
  • You may want a targeted approach - HQ can help you segment or target information within your region
  • Set up a discussion thread on MyCIEH 
  • Always feedback your response- you can use the members newsletter, website and MyCIEH 
  • See the fact sheet on communication which has other ideas of keeping members informed and involved
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