Network CPD events and activities

Step 1 – Let's run an event!    CPD certificates and CPD returns 
Step 2 – Event planning    Speakers and presentations 
Step 3 – Going Ahead    Region and SIG Members’ forum 
Step 4 – Marketing your event    Charging for events 
Step 5 – On the day     
Step 6 – Evaluation/Closure     

Step 1 – Let's run an event!

Questions to consider:  

  • What event do we want to organise?
  • How confident are we it will work?
  • What is the audience/ demand and do we have evidence for this?
  • Does it fit in with our business plan?
  • What have we learnt from past experiences?
  • Has it worked elsewhere?
  • Are there any potential conflicts/ clashes/ competition?


Member needs survey – contact Sharon Smith  

Step 2 – Event planning

Questions to consider:  

  • What is the title, location, target audience, outline programme and speakers?
  • What is the timeline (remember you will need at least 2 months ahead of the date to set up EML and promote)?
  • What are the costs and price points? Is it financially viable? - Make sure there is a price differential between members and non members
  • Have you completed the Network event risk assessment form ( this will also help check financial viability and delegated authority requirements)?
  • What contingencies do you need to plan for?
  • Is your event sustainable (see below)?
  • Are you seeking sponsors/ partners (see policy below)?


Step 3 – Going Ahead

Questions to consider:  

  • Do you need delegated authority (check out the event risk form which also has delegated authority approval)?
  • Have you decided who is doing what tasks and committed to taking action?
  • Have you an agreed marketing/ promoting plan?
  • Have you considered any contracts and commitments especially cancellation requirements (eg terms and conditions for use of the venue)?
  • What is your point of cancellation and how will you know if you have reached this?

Step 4 – Marketing your event

Questions to consider:  

  • Have you set up the EML?
  • When planning the promotion and advertising of your event please use all the CIEH communication channels relevant to the event or activity.
  • Check the deadlines for EHN
  • Has it been uploaded onto your Forum on MyCIEH?
  • What other local networks can your event be promoted through?


With using the EML system for taking bookings the appropriate copy will be placed on your website for you. You can use this system for any event. Where there is a charge, all the finance will also be handled automatically.

Step 5 – On the day

  • Do you have adequate staffing to manage the day?
  • Will you be using social media to promote what is happening during the day?
  • Have you made provision for uploading presentations for member access after the event?
  • Have you organised CPD certificates and promoted enhanced CPD?
  • Have you provided a means of evaluating the event?

Step 6 – Evaluation/ Closure

  • Have you organised payment of any suppliers including speakers and venue expenses?
  • Have you received the finance report from HQ relating to the EML bookings if used?
  • Have you considered the evaluation feedback and lessons learnt?
  • Have you updated your website and provided feedback photos and uploaded presentations?


Evaluation form template  

CPD certificates and CPD returns

The CPD certificate is for authorised use only by CIEH member volunteers as part of the Membership Network. A sample CPD certificate.

You can issue electronic CPD certificates if you wish. In the event of a dispute you may be required to confirm if a certificate is genuine, so it is important that that you maintain attendance lists. You will need accurate CPD figures to contribute to the Region or SIG annual report as well.

Speakers and presentations

If you require a speaker for your event from our Policy and Education Team or any other speaker from HQ please contact Sharon Smith so that I can help you find the right person to meet your needs.

Region and SIG Members’ forum

Each Region and SIG is required to hold at least one ‘open’ members forum each year so that members can discuss the business plan for the forthcoming period. Some of these are integrated into an event/seminar, whereas others are stand-alone. There is no requirement to have an Annual General Meeting, or to have accounts approved by the membership, although some still continue with that practice. The annual members’ forum itself should be free to attend (much like the CIEH annual meeting at CIEH HQ), and if built into a paid event, it should be made clear that members can attend just the forum without charge.

Charging for events

In the current financial climate, charging for events may be necessary but it is still something to be considered carefully. Subsidised events should be justified, and may be more appropriate to some student events, or for certain categories of members such as non-working. However, remember that students, non-working and retired members already receive free or discounted membership.

As a general guide, at Region and SIG level, events should be chargeable, with an aim to recover costs plus a surplus, unless there is a clear decision to subsidise. Non-members must be charged a minimum of 50% difference and no less than £30. At national level there is often a £100 surcharge for non-members. This may not be appropriate for lower cost regional/branch/SIG events, but a surcharge should always be applied.

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