Network Finance

Financial risk assessment and approval

We have produced an application form to help Regional Hubs assess financial risk and expenditure associated with organising an event or activity. This form must be completed before an event or activity is committed to or takes place. Download form here. 

The sections can be used as a checklist to ensure that all areas of potential risk and expenditure have been considered fully before financially committing to an event or activity.

All agreements and contracts (verbal, informal, or formal) need to be agreed and countersigned by the CIEH Chief Executive or nominated officer before commitment.

Funding allocation

The overall funding "pot" for the network is determined by the Board of Trustees in December each year as part of budget agreements. The budgets for Wales and Northern Ireland Regional Hubs are separate from the budget for Scotland and England Regional Hubs and are managed by the relevant CIEH Directors of Wales and Northern Ireland.

For the Regional Hubs in England and Scotland, the funding now operates as a Network budget, with everyone working together as a team to achieve the financial targets. Additional income over and above the target net income can be reinvested into Network activities around the Regional Hubs.

Forward planning

As part of an effective management process all Regional Hubs will be asked to complete a business plan in September/October each year which identifies the key activities that they intend to undertake during the following year and an estimate of the funds needed to support the activities. This includes any proposals for larger events/projects that may need particular consideration as part of the budget. Business plans for Wales and Northern Ireland will be supported by the relevant CIEH Directors.

Download business planning.  

Management of the budget

Each Regional Hub will receive regular financial tracking information on the Network accounts. Volunteers will need to check that all income and expenditure are in line with agreed business plans and consider all relevant financial risks, manage them appropriately and do not commit to expenditure beyond what is available in the budget. As part of this volunteers may need to supply relevant documentation to support the accurate recording and justification for the income/expenditure such as receipts.

Volunteers should not be out of pocket and can claim reasonable expenses as per the CIEH expenses policy. All claims must be accompanied by receipts.

The templates below are for authorised use only by member volunteers as part of the membership network

Payment of accounts

Payments shall be made by BACS every two weeks from central finance.

All Supplier Payment Forms from the Regional Hub shall be sent to Sharon Smith, RSM for verification and payment processing (England and Scotland) and to the relevant CIEH Directors for Wales and Northern Ireland.

Payment of contractors

The payment of contractors shall be approved through CIEH. Any contractors (for a one off or longer term period) are done so on a contractor, and not an employee, basis. Standard contract for the engagement of contractors is available from Sharon Smith, Regional Stakeholder Manager ( or the relevant Directors of Wales and Northern Ireland.

CIEH does not support the payment of honoraria. All payments made to any person/ member on behalf of CIEH for Hub activity must be made through using the contractor agreement/contract process.

The current agreements for contracted work will end on 31st March 2018. Following this, further consideration of how best to support additional administrative needs will take place.

Donations and sponsorship

Collections from other charities cannot be put through the accounts. Any payments to any charity in relation to projects or programmes of action will need to be authorised through the Chief Executive.

CIEH welcome sponsorship and partnership as a means of alternative income/ cost recovery approaches. Please note the requirements of our policy on sponsorship and promotion of other services/ businesses here.


All income received will be recorded with the Regional Hub account code so that volunteers have visibility of the outcomes of their activity locally. All relevant documentation will need to be collated and kept as a record of the transaction centrally.

All monies for the regional events need to be paid into the new regional bank account:

a) Sort code 40-11-60

b) Account 40096857

Monies can be transferred via internet banking (stating the current region/branch or new Hub number).

Monies can be paid in by visiting a branch. There will be no special paying in books. Please use a bank blank paying in slip and email the amount and the Hub code.


There will be no need for Regional Hubs to account for and submit VAT returns to central finance as this will now be managed centrally and automatically adjusted in the Network accounts. VAT is not chargeable on seminars and meetings. Wales and Northern Ireland Directorates will manage their relevant VAT submissions.


All insurance is arranged centrally. No Regional Hub needs to make local insurance arrangements. Any local claims will need to be submitted with relevant details to CIEH central finance for action: 

End of Year

There is no requirement to provide members with detailed accounts for approval although a simple statement of the overview of the finances is recommended. Members will have access to the full audited accounts as part of the CIEH Annual Report.

There is no need for Volunteers to prepare end of year accounts as these will now be organised centrally.

There are two types of adjustments that are made at the end of the year:  

  • Deferments - this relates to income received before the end of the year for an event in the following year. All monies received must be assigned to the year in which the event took place. We will notify you of any deferment.
  • Accrual - this relates to costs incurred in this year but invoices have not yet been received. The payments will need to match and be assigned to the year in which the costs were incurred.

Volunteers are asked to ensure that invoices are promptly paid at the end of year and to notify Finance of any expected invoices but not yet received


Further information can be obtained from the contacts below. In addition, documentation and relevant forms and templates can be found on the Volunteer pages. 

Financial management contact: Andrew Gardner, 

Network Funding England and Scotland: Sharon Smith, 

Cymru Wales Funding: Kate Thompson, 

Northern Ireland Funding: Gary McFarlane, 

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