About Us

The West Midlands region offers excellent training opportunities, including those with CPD hours allocated, for all members and provides regular information on updates and opportunities in the area.

The West Midlands Regional Board are committed to running at least two free/low cost events a year, which will include speakers who work within the Environmental Health and public health field. These two events are encapsulated in the Summer and Winter Seminars, which are usually hosted at the University of Birmingham and Wolverhampton. These are one day seminars with refreshments and lunch provided, and also allows members to accrue CPD. Where permission has been granted, presentations are uploaded on West Midlands Resources webpage. We are also committed to showcasing our academic work that students and academics are involved in within our Seminars.

Within the West Midlands region, we have 3 universities that deliver the Environmental Health degree:

  • Coventry University: BSc in Environmental Health
  • University of Wolverhampton: BSc in Environmental Health
  • University of Birmingham: MSc in Environmental Health

If you are looking for work experience, a placement or targeted interventions to fulfil the Portfolio of Professional Practice (PPP) then please follow the links on our homepage to the DSTO, and contact us on the information below. Furthermore, if any practicing EHP’s work in areas where they can accommodate a student for a day, week or few months, then please contact us.

Lastly, if any members would like us to assist in anything CIEH related within the West Midlands area, then please use the contact details to the right or go to MyCIEH.

West Midlands region’s volunteers

The below are the volunteers who give up their time to support the West Midlands region.

Chair: Kathy Rodenhurst
Secretary: Charles Yarnold
Assembly Representative: Janette Bradley & Helen Cameron

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