CIEH National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP)

The CIEH has set up the National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP) to take the lead in setting high professional standards for EHPs and to offer advice and guidance to those in charge of local authority pest control departments.

NPAP comprises pest management professionals from right across the environmental health community and runs an annual programme of projects, seminars and events. Its prime objectives are:

  • To raise the profile of pest management in the UK, leading to better understanding of the need for good pest management
  • To establish channels of communication throughout industry, government, local authorities and academia, leading to a greater awareness of problems and the need to set priorities
  • To improve the standards of pest management throughout the UK by promoting good practice, leading to reduced pest levels and pesticide use
  • To provide expert advice to government departments and agencies via the CIEH
  • To identify and promote research needs in the area of pest management

Training of pest controllers

The advantage of managers and technicians being registered with BASIS PROMPT 

Pests can endanger health, contaminate food and the environment and damage property. Treatments are therefore best carried by professional pest controllers because successful treatments require a high degree of knowledge of biology, habits, habitats and control methods. This is knowledge that only a professionally qualified pest controller will have gained as a result of training and experience.

To enable pest controllers to prove to customers that they meet the high standards required, the pest control industry set up the professional pest controllers register, PROMPT.

BASIS PROMPT provides an independent industry-recognised register of suitably qualified people who can genuinely claim to be professionals in public health pest control and related activities.

CIEH-NPAP, fully supports the PROMPT scheme and actively encourages environmental health practitioners who may manage local authority pest control services and pest controllers generally to be members of this scheme.

▼ Mosquito watch 

Following the emergence of West Nile virus in North America, concern is being expressed over the emergence of mosquito-borne viruses in new geographic locations and in particular, the UK.

In addition to our endemic mosquito fauna, the possibility exists for the importation of exotic mosquitoes that could cause a greater biting nuisance and may become involved in the transmission of infectious diseases. The Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, is one of a number of mosquitoes that has managed to travel the world by laying its drought-resistant eggs in old tyres that are subsequently exported.

Survival & seasonal activity modelling carried out by PHE have shown that the UK’s mild winter temperatures may allow Aedes albopictus to overwinter with possible activity occurring during the summer months. Ae albopictus is a prolific man-biter and quite at home in urban situations thus promoting its ability for transmitting infectious diseases.

Public Health England (PHE) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health are seeking a better understanding of the incidence of mosquitoes biting humans in the UK and have developed MOSQUITO WATCH - a dedicated database to record the incidences of mosquitoes nationally.

Environmental Health Practitioners are requested to assist in development of this database by reporting incidences of biting and nuisance mosquitoes that may occur throughout the UK.

report form is available for download requesting the following information:

  • Date of collection
  • Specific location (postal address, grid reference)
  • General location (nearest town/village)
  • Land use (e.g. nature reserve)
  • Local habitat (woodland, marsh, lake etc.)
  • Contact details of individual submitting record

This report form together with the mosquito specimen (which should be placed in a crushproof container) should be sent to Mosquito Watch, Killgerm Chemicals, Wakefield Road, Ossett, West Yorkshire, WF5 9AJ.

Members of the public, if they are troubled by a persistent biting nuisance by mosquitoes or other insects, should contact their local authority environmental health department. If you find a mosquito in your home or garden that you believe may be an exotic species, please send it to the address above, together with the completed report form. A factsheet entitled Controlling mosquitoes in your garden can be found on the PHE website.

All mosquitoes collected will then be identified to assist with developing picture of nuisance biting mosquitoes in the UK and will be displayed on the map of the UK, which will be regularly updated. Please note that we can only identify actual specimens. We cannot accurately identify a specimen from a description.

▼ UK sightings 

Postcode  Location  Date  Species  Stage  Site  Habitat 
LA7 7JB Indoors 10/09 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
NE7 8QH Indoors 01/11 Culex pipiens Adult   Suburban
BN3 7AW Indoors 18/06 Culiseta annulata Adult House Urban
FK1 2NL Indoors 19/11 Culiseta annulata Adult Upland / mixed Rural
TW1 3BZ Indoors 05/09 Culiseta annulata Adult House Urban
SO15 4JN Indoors 25/06 Culex pipiens Adult Brook Urban
MK40 4DS Indoors 09/06 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
SA33 6BD Indoors 30/05 Culiseta annulata Adult Riverside Rural
SA11 5NS Indoors 16/03 Culiseta annulata Adult    
WF5 0BJ Indoors 09/07 Culex pipiens Adult Cellar Urban
E3 4NZ Indoors 16/06 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban with nearby woodland
N7 0DP Indoors 09/06 Culiseta annulata Adult Standing water in garden Urban
AB10 1AB Indoors 19/04 Culiseta annulata Adult Private dwelling  
DA1 4LG Indoors 01/11 Culiseta annulata Adult Found inside the house  
BB7 1AQ Indoors 22/10 Culiseta annulata Adult    
PA3 4AY Indoors 18/10 Culex pipiens Adult   Cresswell maternity
SR2 7DN Indoors 17/10 Culex pipiens Adult   Domestic premise
LA3 1DN Indoors 11/10 Chironomidae Adult Water in man-made Coastal
BT23 7BP   12/10 Culex pipiens Adult    
CH7 6NB Indoors 08/10 Culex pipiens Adult Boiler room  
PH10 6NP Nursing home 05/10 Culex pipiens Adult    
NE23 1WE   04/10 Culex pipiens Adult    
ME3 8PY Indoors 01/10 Culiseta annulata Adult   Woodland
CH76NB   28/09 Culex pipiens Adult    
S44 6BB Indoors 17/09 Tipulidae Adult Man-made pond Urban
WF1 5PX Indoors 16/092 Anopheles maculipennis Adult Stagnant water Urban
LL15 2EU Indoors 14/09 Culex pipiens Adult Water butts Garden
PA11 3BE Indoors 06/09 Culex pipiens Adult Stagnant water Suburban
NG2 6HH Indoors 21/08 Culiseta annulata Adult Pond Urban
RG22 4EB Indoors 20/08 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
WS11 6UR Indoors 16/08 Culiseta annulata Adult    
NE3 1BB Indoors 08/08 Culicidae Adult Communal gardens at the back of a block of flats Urban
LE11 3RJ Indoors 01/08 Culiseta annulata Adult    
RG7 1UR Indoors 31/07 Culiseta annulata Adult Woodland / ditch Woodland / ditch
M41 5PS Indoors 31/07 Culiseta annulata Adult Green areas, fields & gardens & recent heavy rain Suburban
SO32 2JN Indoors 24/07 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
TW1 1NF Outdoors 23/07 Simuliidae Adult   Garden backs onto River Crane
M33 2LX Outdoors 20/07 Ochlerotatus cantans Adult   Woodland
OX26 1UT   21/06 Ichneumonidae Adult    
AB12 5XT Indoors 22/02 Culiseta annulata Adult   Building
FK3 8XD Indoors 21/11 Culiseta annulata Adult    
TN24 0SU Indoors 18/11 Culiseta annulata Adult    
CA3 Indoors 21/10 Culiseta annulata Adult   Woodland
CH43 4XP Indoors 30/09 Culiseta annulata Adult    
PA36 Outdoors 20/08 Culex pipiens Adult    
SK7 6EW Indoors 24/07 Culex pipiens Adult Man made pond in garden Urban
SE3 7JH Indoors 19/07 Culiseta annulata Adult Garden Urban
LE12 6TU Indoors 12/11 Culiseta annulata Adult   Rural
BN12 6QX Indoors 08/10 Culiseta annulata Adult Private house  
IG1 4LQ indoors / outdoors 01/10 Culex pipiens   148 Urban
B13 9AD Indoors 17/08 Culiseta annulata     Urban / Suburban
BS7 9QP Indoors 21/03 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
LA12     Culex pipiens Adult   Dairy land
CT10 1PH Indoors 07/08 Culiseta annulata Adult   Coastal
B78 6YH   12/06 Culex pipiens Adult   Sub-urban
L37 7DT Indoors 16/03 Culiseta annulata   Pond Coastal
B78 6YH   12/06 Culex pipiens Adult   Suburban
L37 7DT Indoors 16/03 Culiseta annulata   Pond Coastal
TS26 9LS Indoors 26/10 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
B36 9UA Indoors 21/09 Culiseta annulata Adult    
HA0 4QS Indoors 09/09 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
CB21 4JZ Linton 12/08 Culiseta annulata Adult   Suburban
CM2 7NR Chelmsford 06/08 Ochlerotatus sp Adult    
FY7 8PU Indoors 05/08 Culiseta annulata Adult    
BR6 8NG Orpington 04/08 Culiseta annulata Adult    
BR6 8NG   04/08 Culiseta annulata Adult    
  Blue Anchor 01/08 Culiseta annulata Adult Public toilet  
LS8 3DB Leeds 26/07 Culiseta annulata Adult Pond Urban
SE12 8JA London 24/07 Culiseta annulata Adult    
TA10 9JE Somerset 04/07 Culiseta annulata Adult   Farmland
RH11 0NA Crawley 10/06 Ochlerotatus cantans Adult Woodland pond Suburban
RH11 0NA Outdoors 10/06 Ochlerotatus cantans Adult Woodland pond Suburban
PO18 8ET Chichester 24/05 Ochlerotatus sp Adult    
PO18 8QN Chichester 17/05 Culex pipiens Adult Salt marsh  
LL15 1HA Ruthin 25/03 Culex pipiens Adult Cistern  
TF1 5HT Telford 24/02 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
CH64 2HE Wirral 18/11 Culiseta annulata     Near marshes
BS23 7YT Weston Supermare 17/11 Culiseta annulata Adult    
WD4 9JL Chipperfield 17/11 Culiseta annulata     Countryside
BN3 3AL Hove 08/11 Culiseta annulata Adult    
BS3 5RQ Bristol 25/10 Culex pipiens Adult   Urban
TA8 2DJ Burnham on Sea 24/10 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
TA8 2DJ Burnham on Sea 24/10 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
TA8 2DJ Burnham on Sea 24/10 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
BT8 6YH Belfast 12/10 Culex pipiens Adult   Suburban
NR11 6NP Norwich 04/10 Culex pipiens Adult   Urban
TA6 6TG Bridgwater 02/10 Culex pipiens Adult Garden pond Village margin
CM22 6PE Takeley 30/09 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
OX25 4RT Bicester 24/09 Culex pipiens Adult Cellar of house Rural
S36 6EB Sheffield 21/09 Culex pipiens Adult Pond in garden Urban garden
WN5 7BT Wakefield 14/09 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
KT1 3ER Surrey 11/09 Culiseta annulata Adult    
WN5 7BT Wigan 08/09 Culiseta annulata Adult Man made pond Urban
BT27 Hillsborough 05/09 Chironomus sp      
BT26 Hillsborough 03/09 Culiseta annulata   Surface water Suburban
SW16 6RG London 03/09 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban
RG14 1LS Newbury 30/08 Culiseta annulata Adult   Suburban
WR2 West Midlands 22/08 Culiseta annulata     Water in garden from flooding
W14 London 21/08 Culiseta annulata      
TA7 South West 18/08 Culiseta annulata   Stagnant water Somerset Levels
LL53   14/08 Culiseta annulata     Farmland near coast
NG5 East Midlands 14/08 Culiseta annulata   Garden Suburban
TW2 Twickenham 13/08 Culex pipiens     Urban
  Hillsborough 12/08 Culiseta Annulata   Natural pond Woodland
CW8 Cheshire 09/08 Culiseta annulata   Woodland pool Woodland
SW9 0QD London 07/08 Culiseta annulata Adult   Urban garden
RH10 South East 05/08 Culiseta annulata      
  South West 05/08 Culiseta annulata      
CV33 Bishops Tachbrook 04/08 Culex pipiens   Stagnant pond Meadow
WD4 London 30/07 Culiseta annulata     Countryside
B76   26/07 Culiseta annulata      
LE12 Mountsorrel 30/07 Culex pipiens      
NR1 East of England 18/07 Culiseta annulata      
RH13 South East 11/07 Aedes sp.      
WD4 London 01/07 Ochlerotatus sp.     Countryside
PO22 Sussex 19/06 Culiseta annulata     Suburban
FY6 North West 04/06 Culex pipiens      
TA11   01/01 Culex pipiens   Town House Near Somerset levels
CH64 Cheshire 13/10 Ochlerotatus cantans      
CH64 Cheshire 11/10 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 10/10 Ochlerotatus cantans      
HD6 Huddersfield 09/10 Ochlerotatus sp.   Landfill site Urban
CH64 Cheshire 09/10 Ochlerotatus sp.      
CH64 Cheshire 09/10 Ochlerotatus sp.      
CH64 Cheshire 05/10 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 03/10 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 24/09 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 24/09/ Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 21/09 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 21/09 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 19/09 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 09/09 Culex pipiens      
CH64 Cheshire 06/09 Ochlerotatus sp.      
CH64 Cheshire 05/09 Culex pipiens      
BB5 North west 05/09 Culex pipiens     Suburban
EC2Y London 31/07 Culex pipiens     Urban
SW25 London 27/07 Culex pipiens   Woodland Nature reserve behind housing estate
TW1 Twickenham 25/07 Culex pipiens     Urban
TW2 Twickenham 09/07 Culiseta annulata     Urban
CT14 Deal 11/07 Culex pipiens      
CT14 Deal 11/07/ Culex pipiens      
CT14 Deal 09/07 Culex pipiens      
CT14 Deal 09/07 Culex pipiens      
BS6 Bristol 22/06 Culiseta annulata      
BS6 Bristol 22/06 Culiseta annulata Adult    
CT14 Deal 20/06 Coquillettidia richiardii Adult Indoors  
CT14 Deal 20/06 Coquillettidia richiardii      
BR1 Bromley 18/06 Chironomus plumosus      
LS10 Leeds 13/06 Culex pipiens   Pond in back garden Urban
LS10 Leeds 13/06 Culex pipiens Adult Outdoors Urban
SE1 Southwark 10/05 Culex pipiens Adult Outdoors Urban
TW2 Twickenham 08/05 Culex pipiens Adult Outdoors Urban
EC2Y London 01/05 Chironomus plumosus   Manmade Lake Urban
EC2Y London 01/05 Culex pipiens Adult Indoors Urban
EC2Y London 01/05 Culex pipiens   Manmade Lake Urban
GU17 Berkshire 19/04 Culiseta annulata Adult Shed Woodland
CH64 Cheshire 14/03 Culiseta annulata Adult Close to saltmarsh Outdoors
n/a Kent 24/02 Culiseta morsitans Larvae Brackish water Flooded temporary pools
n/a Kent 24/02 Culiseta morsitans Larvae Brackish water Saltmarsh
n/a Kent 24/02 Ochlerotatus detritus Larvae Brackish water Flooded temporary pools
n/a Kent 24/02 Ochlerotatus detritus Larvae   Saltmarsh
CT14 Kent 20/01 Culiseta annulata Adult    
BN20 Eastbourne 14/10 Culiseta annulata Adult Garden pond  
HD6 Huddersfield 09/10 Ochlerotatus sp.   Landfill site Urban
PO30 Isle of Wight 05/10 Culiseta pipiens Adult Dwelling (indoors) Urban
TW3 Hounslow 29/09 Culex pipiens   Roadside drainage gully Urban
TW3 Hounslow 29/09 Culex pipiens Adult Indoors Urban
CH64 Ellesmere Port 26/09 Culex pipiens Adult Outdoors  
TW2 Twickenham 16/07 Culex pipiens Adult Outdoors Urban
SE13 Lewisham 13/07 Culex pipiens Adult Indoors  
TW2 Twickenham 10/07 Culex pipiens Adult Outdoors Urban
TW3 Hounslow 10/07 Culex pipiens Adult   Suburban
HP21 Aylesbury 30/06 Culiseta pipiens   Dwelling (indoors)  
OX3 Oxford 29/06 Culiseta annulata   Dwelling (indoors)  
RH12 Gatwick Airport 28/06 Culiseta annulata   Dwelling (indoors)  
SL9 Chalfont St. Peter 27/06 Culiseta annulata   Field  
RH12 Horsham 23/06 Culiseta pipiens   Dwelling (indoors)  
BS6 Bristol 22/06 Culiseta annulata      
BS6 Bristol 22/06 Culiseta annulata Adult    
OX1 Oxford 21/06 Culiseta pipiens     Urban
LS10 Leeds 13/06 Culex pipiens   Pond in back garden Urban
WA15 Cheshire 14/11 Culex pipiens Adult Urban Dwelling (indoors)
M23 Wyhtenshawe 04/10 Culiseta annulata Adult Urban Hospital
M23 Wyhtenshawe 29/09 Culiseta annulata Adult Urban Hospital
SP2 Shaftesbury 18/09 Culex pipiens pipiens Larvae Natural pond Wetland
E5 London 01/04 Culiseta annulata   Garden  

▼ NPAP publications 

Please find below links to publications produced by the CIEH National Pest Advisory Panel. Alternatively please visit

Brown dog tick: control and prevention in domestic situations  2017
Management of invasive species of mosquitoes  June 2017
Pest Management Alliance - Code Of Best Practice: Humane use of rodent glue boards  January 2017
Pest Management Alliance - Code Of Best Practice: Relating to the Control of Bees. Issue 3   October 2016
Pest Control Procedures Manual - Ticks 2016  April 2016
Pest control procedures in the food industry   October 2015
Pest Control Procedures Manual – Urban Gulls   April 2015
Pest Control Procedures Manual: Social insects – ants, wasps and bees  August 2014
Urban foxes: Guidelines on their management   October 2013
Pest Control Procedures Manual - Cockroaches   April 2013
Public Perception: Statistics that prove the essential value of public health pest control   April 2013
National Sewer Baiting Protocol Best Practice and Guidance Document   April 2013
Critical Review of the Environmental Risk Mitigation Measures for Second Generation Anticoagulant
Rodenticides proposed by the HSE
October 2012
The responses to the NPAP survey of 12 local authorities on environmental risk mitigation measures of SGARs   October 2012
A guide to carrying out an environmental assessment prior to the use of rodenticides   October 2012
The impact of climate change on pest populations and public health  May 2012
Pest minimisation - Pest Management for Outdoor & Mobile Catering   February 2012
The Perfect Storm : This need not be the end of a golden age of public health protection!  February 2012
Review of the use of bait boxes during operations to control Norway rats, Rattus norvegicus – a report to CIEH   August 2011
Pest Control Procedures in the Social Care Sector   February 2011
Pest control procedures manual - Bedbugs  April 2011
Charging for pest control services   February 2010
Protecting present and future generations – implementing lessons from the WHO/Euro book: Public health significance of urban pests  March 2010
Pest control procedures in the housing sector  January 2010
Good composting practice: guidance on composting without attracting rodents   September 2009
The role of pest management in protecting public health   May 2009
Public health issues posed by mosquitoes – an independent report   May 2009
Pest minimisation - Best practice for the hospitality industry   April 2009
Urban pests and their public health significance
CIEH summary (based on a WHO textbook) – 2008 - Textbook summary
The impact of climate change on pest populations and public health   November 2008
Pest minimisation - Best practice for the construction industry   September 2008
▼ NPAP resources 

Pests on the menu DVD

Everyday millions of people buy food from a variety of food businesses. Consumers expect their food to be safe to eat and free from disease. But is it?

“Pests on the Menu” explains how pests can spread food-borne disease and what measures you can use to minimise risk.

This updated DVD, produced for those involved in food hygiene, contains new footage and information and provides new approaches to help protect you and your customers.

“Pests on the menu” is available as a DVD at £25.00 + VAT = £29.38 each, including postage and packaging.

It is available as a single DVD is English with soundtracks in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Kurdish, Punjabi, Somali, Turkish and Urdu.

It is also available as a single DVD in English with soundtracks in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

The programme runs for 13 minutes.

Copies of the DVD can be ordered here.

Pesky pests

The game has been designed to help 7-11 year olds in their understanding of public health pests in the home, with particular reference to rats and mice.

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