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Listed below are the publications published by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. To browse by topic: view the publications by topic page 

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Agendas for Change 

Allergens: Improving the use of ‘may contain’ allergen statements. CIEH white paper 

Amenity Standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation 



Bees - Code of Practice: Relating to the Control of Bees. Issue 3 October 2016. The Pest Management Alliance

Bedbugs - pest control procedures manual 

Body art, cosmetic therapies and other special treatments  



Carbon Monoxide: Residential Inspection Aid for EHPs 

Cat Boarding Establishments - CIEH Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments 2013 

CIEH Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Dog Breeding Establishments 

Clay target shooting: Guidance on the Control of Noise 

Climate change and its Health Implications 

Climate change, Public Health and Health Inequalities - A resource for environmental health practitioners 

Community Protection Notices - Professional Practice Note. Guidance on the use of Community Protection Notices under Part 4 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014  

Composting - Good composting practice: guidance on composting without attracting rodents 

Condensation Dampness - CIEH Practice Notes, 1998  

Contaminated land – Guidance on comparing soil contamination data with a critical concentration 

Contaminated land - Guidance of the safe development of housing on land affected by contamination, vol 1. ;Appendices and annexes, vol 2  

Contaminated Land - Reviewing human health risk assessment reports invoking contaminant oral bioavailability measurements or estimates 

Counter Fraud Good Practice Guide for Food and Drink Businesses 



Dog Boarding Establishments - Model Licence Conditions and Guidance 2016  

Dog Breeding Establishments - CIEH Model Licence Conditions and Guidance  



Eat Clever – food and lifestyles toolkit

Effective Strategies and Interventions: Environmental health and the private housing sector 

Electronic cigarettes - Will you permit or prohibit electronic cigarette use on your premises? Five questions to ask before you decide - Oct 2015

Encouraging healthier takeaways in low-income communities  

Enforcement notices: practical guidance for local authority enforcement officers 

Environmental health - A new relationship for regulators 

Environmental Health and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – Final Reports 

Environmental health - 2012 - A key partner in Delivering the Public Health Agenda  

Environmental Health involvement in England’s new public health service - what you can do? 

Essential Information For Landlords and Agents – HHSRS 

Excess cold hazards - CIEH guidance on enforcement in England 




Fire safety: Housing - Fire Safety. Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing (joint publication with Lacors) 

Fire Safety: Protocol between Local Housing Authorities and Fire and Rescue Authorities to improve fire safety 

Food Safety and Standards Management Strategy. Olympics/Paralympics 2012 

Fraud: Counter fraud good practice for food and drink businesses - CIEH Food. Nov 2016

Urban foxes: Guidelines on their management 



Good Housing leads to Good Health. A Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners 

A guide to carrying out an environmental assessment prior to the use of rodenticides 



Health Protection Regulations 2010 Toolkit 

Health and safety in horse riding establishments and livery yards: What you should know – December 2015

The Health Costs of Cold Dwellings 

Healthy People, Healthy Planet 

HHSRS - 11 years on report 

Hoarding and how to approach it - a guidance for EHOs and others 

Home Adaptations for Disabled People - Good Practice Guide 

Housing - CIEH Survey of Local Authority Regulatory Activity under The Housing Act 2004 – Results of a Questionnaire Survey

Housing - Commission on Housing Renewal and Public Health - Final Report

Housing - Fire Safety. Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing (joint publication with Lacors) 

Housing Act 2004:  Results of a CIEH survey on local authority regulatory activity 



The impact of climate change on pest populations and public health 

The impact of smoke-free legislation on indoor air quality in bars in Northern Ireland 

Industry Guides to Good Hygiene Practice 



Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) - Member Briefing 

JSNA Research 2014 - Environmental health contribution to JSNA  - October 2014



Livery Yards: Health and safety guidance for inspections of horse riding establishments and livery yards 

London Good Practice Guide: Noise & Vibration Control for Demolition and Construction - July 2016

Local Authority Private Sector Housing Services: Delivering Housing, Health and Social Care Priorities, Helping Vulnerable People and Local Communities 

A local councillor’s guide to environmental health 

Part 2 of the Localism Act 2011: Occasional paper. August 2012




Management of invasive species of mosquitoes  

Mapping Health Toolkit 

Mental Health and Smoking – Joint Position Statement

Mobile vending and street trading Management Strategy. Olympics/Paralympics 2012 (Food and beverages)

Model Conditions for Pet Vending Licensing 2013 

Mosquitoes - Public health issues posed by mosquitoes 



National Sewer Baiting Protocol Best Practice and Guidance Document 

New Guidance on Bioavailability 

Noise: Neighbourhood Noise Policies and Practice for Local Authorities - A Management Guide 

Noise: Clay target shooting: Guidance on the Control of Noise  

Noise Council code of practice on environmental noise at concerts 

Noise Council code of practice on noise from organised off-road motor cycle sport 



Olympics: Environmental Health and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – Final Reports 

Our health, our wellbeing: Environmental health – securing a healthier future for all 

Our world, our wellbeing - opportunities for environmental health practitioners to help communities tackle climate change 

Outdoor and Mobile Catering – CIEH National Guidance  

Ostriches - Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for the Keeping of Ostriches 



Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza: Guidance for Environmental Health Practitioners 

The Perfect Storm 

Pest Control: Brown dog tick: control and prevention in domestic situations 

Pest Control: Pest Control Procedures in the Food Industry 

Pest Control: Pest Control Procedures in the Housing Sector 

Pest Control: Pest Control Procedures in the Social Care Sector 

Pest Control: Urban pests and their public health significance: a CIEH summary (based on a WHO textbook) 

Pest Control: Procedures Manual: Social insects – ants, wasps and bees 

Pest Control: Procedures Manual: Urban Gulls 

Pest Minimisation - Best practice for the construction industry 

Pest Minimisation - Best practice for the hospitality industry 

Pest minimisation - Pest Management for Outdoor & Mobile Catering 

Pests on the Menu DVD 

Pest Control Procedures Manual - Cockroaches 

Pest Control Procedures Manual - Ticks 

Professional Practice Guidance on Planning & Noise (ProPG) 

Protecting public and environmental health. Olympics/Paralympics 2012.  

Protecting present and future generations – implementing lessons from the WHO/Euro book: Public health significance of urban pests 

Public Perception: Statistics that prove the essential value of public health pest control April 2013 



The Queen’s Speech 2015 and implications for environmental health. June 2015.



Review of the use of bait boxes during operations to control Norway rats, Rattus norvegicus –a report to CIEH.



Shigellosis: Interim public health operational guidance for Shigellosis. A joint guideline from Public Health England and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - September 2017

A Sustainable Stimulus Programme. Smart Growth Insights for Public Investment - December 2016

Safety Advisory Groups and Event Planning: Supporting the environmental health contribution 

Shale gas and fracking: examining the evidence 

Smokefree legislation in England: Guidance on implementation for local council regulatory officers 

Smokefree legislation in England: Supplementary guidance for local authority regulatory officers on dealing with non-compliance in shisha bars - February 2011

The Smoke-free (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015 - guidance for enforcement officers and the public 

Smoke-free (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015. Demonstration projects using compliance measures in controlled locations - September 2016

Strategies for encouraging healthier 'out of home' food provision: toolkit -  Public Health England, March 2017

Guidelines and good practice for sustainable events 

LMQ / CIEH 'Suitable 4 Use Levels' 



Tattooing and body piercing guidance: Toolkit - July 2013

Typhoid - Public Health Operational Guidelines for Typhoid and Paratyphoid (Enteric Fever) 

Takeaways Toolkit. Tools, interventions and case studies to help local authorities develop a response to the health impacts of fast food takeaways. November 2012: Updated June 2014



Urban foxes: Guidelines on their management 



Vertebrate Traps – Code of Practice 



Water Poverty in England and Wales 

What every health and wellbeing board needs to know about environmental health services 

Who is responsible for what in animal welfare? An advice guide on reporting different animal-related issues - May 2014

Workforce Survey: Environmental Health Workforce Survey 2014/15 


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