Urban pests and their public health significance: A CIEH summary

Published: June 2008

ISBN: n/a

Topic(s): Pest control

Type(s): Summary document


During the latter half of the 20th century the CIEH became increasingly concerned about the lack of a comprehensive approach to policy creation and implementation in pest control. It set out to address this by talking to national governments and international agencies who were reluctant to address the issue without the benefits of such an approach being quantified. A comprehensive evidence base was called for to identify the costs of not having cohesive policies and legislation in place and to stimulate renewed thinking in this important area of public health.

The CIEH National Pest Advisory Panel and the World Health Organisation set out to develop this evidence base. The result was a book, published by WHO in 2008, entitled ‘Public Health Significance of Urban Pests.’

This summary document is taken largely from the conclusions of the WHO publication. It also contains practical elements of policy and advice to assist readers in understanding and implementing its findings.

The WHO book itself can be purchased as a priced publication from TSO or downloaded directly from the WHO website.

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