Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) validates and supports the environmental and public health profession. Environmental and public health issues don’t stand still, and neither can professionals if they are to stay on top of their jobs.

All our members must undertake CPD, with the exception of associate and retired members. The standard requirement is 20 hours of CPD per year; while Accredited Associates need 10 hours and Chartered status level need 30 hours.

Read our CPD Regulations and FAQs for more details.

Activities and assignments

CPD consists of structured training in all environmental and public health subjects. In addition, for those senior professionals operating at management level, then specific courses in management will also count as CPD.

Regions and Special Interest Groups Network

Our regions and special interest groups provide members with CPD opportunities, often free of charge or at low cost, through their regular meetings and special events held throughout the year.


We offer a range of events which usually offer core CPD.

Enhanced CPD

You can also gain additional core CPD hours by undertaking reflective practice on training undertaken. Find out more about Enhanced EPD.

Personal Development Plan

Producing a Professional Development Plan (PDP), looking at your longer term learning and training needs, attracts one hour of core CPD. See our template and worked example for more details.

CPD records

You must maintain your own CPD records, keeping evidence of training and other development completed. It's best to use our CPD activity record in the My Details section of MyCIEH or CPD record sheet.

We monitor CPD compliance picking an annual random sample of our members. If you are selected in the sample, you will need to submit your CPD records for verification.

However, if you hold Chartered status, you must make an annual declaration that you have completed your 30 hours.

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