Becoming an environmental health professional

Environmental health professionals work to ensure that the food we eat is safe and of good quality, to improve housing conditions, to safeguard standards of workplace health and safety, and to create a better environment.

They might be employed by a major supermarket chain to manage food safety and hygiene, by a housing association to advise on housing standards, or by a local authority to deal with noise nuisance or environmental pollution or a number of varied roles.

To qualify as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) you must gain a Certificate of Registration from the Environmental Health Registration Board (EHRB); there are three stages to this:

Candidates are required to register with the EHRB at least 21 days prior to making an application for any assessment. Download and complete the registration form.

To familiarise yourself with the requirements of the professional qualification process, it is essential that you read the Examination Regulations.

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