Temporary EU EHO

We process declarations from EU EHOs who wish to work in England, Wales or Northern Ireland on a temporary basis in accordance with the Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications 2005/36/EC and the associated European Communities (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulations 2007. The Directive enables qualified professionals to move between Member States to provide services on a temporary and occasional basis as long as they:

  • are a national of a relevant European State or have similar acquired rights;
  • are legally established to practise a relevant profession within a relevant European State other than the UK; and
  • have moved to the UK to provide professional services on a ‘temporary and occasional’ basis, having regard to the duration, frequency, regularity and continuity of those services.

Professionals are required to make a Declaration which informs us of their intention to provide services.

Temporary and Occasional is not defined in the Directive; however the Directive guidance documents provide the following examples:

“A Spanish veterinary surgeon who is working as a locum for three months in a veterinary office in Portugal.”
“An Estonian doctor who spends three days a month taking care of patients in Lithuania.”

“A Spanish professional diver who goes to work on an oil rig in the United Kingdom for four months.”

If you are unsure whether the work you intend to do in England, Wales or Northern Ireland is temporary and occasional, please get in touch to discuss your circumstances.

▼ Declaration process 

EU EHOs who wish to work in the UK on a temporary basis must make a declaration to us. We will check professional qualifications and practical experience and seek to confirm that they are legally established in their Home Member State and not currently prohibited from practising Environmental Health. If the declaration is satisfactory, a letter will be issued confirming receipt of the declaration which can then be presented to potential employers. This flow diagram outlines the process.

The declaration is valid for a period of one year and must be renewed on an annual basis if the EHO wishes to work on a temporary and occasional basis in the UK for the forthcoming year. The declaration form below should be used for renewals and we will determine whether the EHO is still working on a temporary and occasional basis before issuing another letter confirming the declaration. If the EHO is no longer working on a temporary and occasional basis they will be required to make an application for the Certificate of Registration as a Permanent EU EHO.

No fee is payable to make the declaration or to receive the letter from us confirming the declaration.

Flow diagram - Temporary EU EHO Declaration Process
Temporary EU EHO Declaration Form (Word) (PDF)
Temporary EU EHO Declaration Guidance 

▼ Questions and Answers 

Q. How much does it cost to make the declaration?
There is no fee associated with the declaration or the letter from us confirming the declaration.

Q. Where can I get help with my declaration?
A. For help with your declaration, please get in touch.

Q. How long will it take to process my declaration?
We aim to process your declaration within for weeks, however if you fail to submit all the required documents with your declaration form and we have to chase it up the process could take longer.

Q. Where can I find employment in Environmental Health?
A. Many Environmental Health jobs are advertised on the EHN jobs website at: www.ehn-jobs.com 

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