Professional Standards

How would you describe an environmental health professional?

Environmental health professionals improve and protect people’s health, safety and wellbeing by securing safer, cleaner, healthier environments (or aspire to do so).

What are environmental health professional standards?

Environmental Health Professional Standards define what is expected of environmental health professionals. The standards include commitments, behaviours, skills and technical expertise. As a broad discipline environmental health incorporates professionals working in many sectors, the professional standards will enable us to showcase and profile what it means to be an environmental health professional as well as facilitating individual learning and development.

▼ The Standards 

PSF chart
professional commitment graphic   

Professional commitment - a commitment to the ethics and conduct that uphold the reputation of the profession

professional behaviours graphic   

Professional behaviours - essential behaviours for environmental health professionals in all roles

technical expertise graphic   

Technical expertise - application of relevant knowledge, methods and skills

critical thinking graphic    

Critical thinking - objective analysis and evaluation of issues in order to make well-formed judgements

collaboration graphic   

Collaboration - working with others to achieve desired goals

organisational awareness graphic   

Organisational awareness - understanding the workings of the internal organisation and relevant external organisations

leadership graphic   

Leadership - Inspiring and directing others to achieve a common vision

▼ Why is it important to have professional standards? 

The Professional Standards are important in environmental health because they:

  • Set expectations
  • Capture the common attributes of a diverse group of professionals, working on different environmental health issues in different roles and sectors
  • Facilitate professional development, learning and progression
  • Showcase what it means to be an environmental health professional, raising the profile of the profession
  • Uphold and improve standards within environmental health for public protection

More than that the standards enable us to talk to employers informing recruitment and selection of the environmental health workforce as well as identifying training and development needs. They also describe to people and consumers what to expect from environmental health professionals in their day to day work.

▼ What is the Professional Standards Framework? 

The standards will now be divided into levels to develop a Professional Standards Framework that will be aligned to different grades of membership and levels along the CIEH professional pathway.

professional standards framework infographic(1) 

CIEH’s Professional Standards will form the basis of a structured professional development pathway. Individuals will be able to seek assessment against the standards to progress through different grades of membership. The Professional Standards will also inform the development of CIEH products and services and support judgements of professional and ethical practice when dealing with complaints about members.


CIEH Conversation

Post your comments on the MyCIEH forumCIEH Professional standards have been based on contributions from environmental health professionals. The CIEH is keen to continue the conversation as we develop the Professional Standards Framework. We are interested in your views.


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