HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system that helps food business operators look at how they handle food. It introduces procedures to make sure the food produced is safe to eat as all food businesses, by law, must have a food safety management system in place.

Food businesses can be subject to routine inspections; our courses will prepare you for these so that your food management systems comply with law.

The CIEH HACCP courses offer support for the food operator, providing learning content that guides them in managing their food safety management and controls to ensure a safe food environment that protects the consumer and holds up to external scrutiny by inspectors.

Find out more about our HACCP courses below and see our step-by-step guide to start delivering our training today.

▼ Foundation Certificate in HACCP (Level 2)

The CIEH Foundation Certificate in HACCP gives learners the opportunity to develop knowledge of food safety management. Legislation requires all food outlets to have a food safety management system based upon HACCP. This course will assist food operatives to understand and implement HACCP practices in their own food production environments.

Upon completion of this course you will be have knowledge of the processes required to support and maintain food safety in the workplace so that it is safe for consumption. 

Who is this course for?

  • Food operatives who need to support food safety management 
  • Employees within food retail premises dealing 

Course overview

This course will develop your knowledge and raise awareness of food hazards such as why and how a HACCP system is implemented, including what the essential principles of HACCP are and what must be done to ensure the food is safe for consumers to eat. You will learn about the analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards from production to handling and distribution.

You will also learn about the HACCP regulations for the management of food safety, covering the main principles and practises so that you know how to comply with food hygiene guidelines to successfully follow safe food practises in the workplace.

Key facts

  • Introduction to food safety management

Training materials available

  • Learning objectives, content, discussion and activity slides for:
    - Learning objectives (2 slides)
    - What is HACCP (7 slides)
    - HACCP structure (20 slides)
    - Legal requirements of HACCP (6 slides)
    - Definition of Terms used in HACCP (5 slides)
    - Control points and their identification (15 slides
    - Food production stages (9 slides)
  • 12 activity sheets
  • 'Principles of HACCP' course book
  • Test papers of 25 multiple choice questions each
▼ Intermediate Certificate in HACCP (Level 3)

The CIEH Intermediate Certificate in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) provides learning that promotes effective and practicable management for identifying food safety hazards. HACCP is a food safety management system that enables businesses involved in food production to maintain the safety of the products. It is essential that managers, supervisors and those with responsibility for food safety understand the system and its implementation.

Upon completion of this course you will understand what is required to ensure that effective management and adequate controls are in place to mitigate food safety hazards.

Who is this course for?

  • For supervisors and managers within catering, retail and manufacturing industries 

Course overview

This course will ensure that you meet your legal obligations and minimise risks. You will learn about food safety management based on codex principles and application of HACCP. You will also learn how to monitor, evaluate and review processes and procedures such as dating and stock rotation, designed to document the monitoring and management of a food safety system.

Key facts

  • Ideal learning and development for supervisors and managers within food establishments
  • Opportunity to acquire depth of understanding of food management legislation

Training materials available

  • Learning objectives, content, discussion and activity slides for:
    - Introduction to learning objectives (2 slides)
    - Food safety management system based on CODEX principles of HACCP (11 slides)
    - Implementation of HACCP (10 slides)
    - Application of HACCP food safety management system (6 slides)
    - Implement, manage and monitor HACCP in a food process (8 slides)
    - Develop, evaluate and review HACCP processes (8 slides)
    - Managing HACCP in practice (9 slides)
  • 13 activity sheets
  • 'An Introduction to HACCP for Food Manufacturing' and 'Food Safety Management: A guide for caterers' course book
  • Test papers of 40 multiple choice questions each
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